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The Environment

     I started my career just after the first Earth Day.  I was psyched and wanted to save the world.  I soon came to realize that some pollution was always going to be necessary and my job would be to understand just how much and where was acceptable.  The key to most environmental issues is balance.  My professional world started with an obsession about clean surface waters, and evolved to concerns about chemicals/hazardous materials, and now climate change.  With climate change, the stakes seem so much larger, but my projects on clean rivers and cleaning up hazardous waste messes were important at the time and are still important.  When I started my career there was not a lawyer in sight, now every environmental issue is also a legal issue. I went to court almost 30 times.


    Climate change will be tackled by my successors and it will be a difficult problem.  It amuses me to think that the only educated group of people in the world that still disputes climate change is the Republican Party.


    Herein are some of my publications on environmental analytics and hazardous waste.  One of my favorites is the paper that chronicles how views and technology on pollution changed so dramatically during the 20th Century.  I've also placed links to three lectures I prepared to give after I retired.  But now that I'm retired, I'm too lazy to give them.


     We've come so far, but still have far to go.

Favorite Tech Papers

1. Is It Safe?  click to open.

2. Environmental History.  click

3. Environmental Perspectives. click

1.  20th Century Waste.  click

2.  20th Century Air.  click

3.  One Well. click

Other Stuff

1.  PhD Thesis.  click

2.  Phytoplankton Lipids.  click

3.  Product Safety.  click

4.  Solar Energy.  click